Thanks, Peeps!

Thanks to all y’all who helped sling Sling Baby to the Super Bowl!

I thought I should take a moment or two to answer some of the questions I have been getting.

Was I excited to see Sling Baby air?

You betcha!

Going in, I was resigned to the idea that we might not make it. In fact, with associates on Birds of Prey and Man’s Best Friend, there was a part of me that had reason to celebrate if either of them made it and I didn’t.

Then Man’s Best Friend aired – and my joy for those folks was a bit squelched by a sneaking suspicion that I wasn’t going to be such a noble good sport if I didn’t win as well. Human nature overcoming the best of intentions…

And when Sling Baby did air, I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be.

Something I worked on was playing in front of the largest television audience in history!

Yeah, the reality of that can’t be prepped for.

So who is the Kevin Willson guy, and how come he got interviewed and you didn’t?

To answer that, I’ll have to explain how the process of creating a commercial works.

First, I gather a hand full of Doritos dust and shape it into a commercial. Then I breath on it- Wait, wrong creation story.

Starts with Kevin, who put together a group of producers, then recruited an idea team to generate ideas. Kevin oversaw each idea meeting, narrowing down the ideas to the ones that best captured the spirit of Doritos. Then Kevin, along with three other writers and the input of the creative team, got the commercial down on paper. Then the director (Kevin) put together a cast and crew, and shot the commercial. (Crew included a stunt guy to help rig the baby in a way that would make the baby laugh and giggle while hanging!) Then Kevin supervised the editing and post work to put in the music, sound, effects and whatever else was needed to create the best looking final spot possible.

Other than that (and oversee the campaign for votes), Kevin didn’t really do much.

He gets all the interviews because he is the best looking one in the bunch.

Uh, so, did you work on this thing at all?

Yes! I was one of the nine on the creative team – we met a half dozen times with the producers and riffed on fifty to a hundred ideas.

And I was one of the four writers that crafted the Sling Baby idea into a script.

Were you at least the best looking guy on the writing team?

No, but I was the fourth best looking guy, a fact I am very proud of!

So how many people does it take to make one 30 second commercial?

In our case, around fifty people working directly on it (volunteers!); plus the publicity campaign crew, which I’m guessing was over a thousand people – including you!

Me? Really? Great, when do I get my piece of the prize money?

Uh, well, uh… hey, look over there, there’s a cute baby!

Speaking of prize money, now that you are rich, are you quitting your day job? And can you buy me a car? Mine is kind of old –it’s a 2011 Lexus, and I would really appreciate it if…

Hold on a sec. Keep in mind a few things: 1) the IRS 2)the fifty plus people who all worked on this and 3) the fact that I lost a lot of money betting on the Los Angeles Lakers to win the Super Bowl. (I was told they were national champions – how was I to know they didn’t play football?)

So, what’s next?

Good question. For me, life pretty much goes on as normal – although, as my wife pointed out, my per-word writing rate has just gone up significantly. If anybody out there is looking to hire someone with the experience of being one-fourth of the writing team for a Super Bowl commercial, you let me know.

Kevin will get to create two commercials alongside the Lonely Island guys – with any luck this will propel him into the big time. It has been a long time coming for him.

Hopefully some folks out there will recognize the talent of those that worked on this thing – the actors who hit it out of the park, the post team that crafted such a gem, the producers that created such a well oiled machine – and look to hire these folks on their projects.

Now I have to figure out how to properly thank the sibs, nieces, nephews and like that mobilized on my behalf…

Just my thoughts,



4 responses to “Thanks, Peeps!”

  1. Marianne says :

    All my questions answered. Booyah! You’re rich. In friends.

  2. andrearader says :

    My 10 year old daughter loved the Sling Baby super bowl Commercial. I did too. Congrats to you and all of the other writers! Awesome, Clean and Super Funny entertainment. Thanks!

  3. Terry Pitts says :

    Congratulations Sean, but how could Christian write something relevant? :o)

    I’m thrilled for you and your group and I pray that this will be a witness to many.

    God bless,

  4. N. J. Lindquist says :

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! Very cool….

    No man, woman, or baby is an island. Takes a community… :0

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