Halftime Offensive Speech

Clint Eastwood did a marvelous, inspiring ad along with the Chevy people.

The gist of the ad is this: Detroit was hit by hard times, but the people have come together and are fighting back; America has been hit by hard times, but we will come together and we will come back fighting. Why?

Because America is a great nation and that is what we do.

Who could have a problem with that?

Well, my party, for one.

Karl Rove has come out calling Clint’s belief in America offensive.

The interesting part is the why of it.

Karl tries to argue that the ad is really a pro-Obama ad, others have claimed that it is a pro-bailout ad.

Which they know it isn’t.

Eastwood has said the ad isn’t about politics, just about America. The ad itself makes it clear that it isn’t about politics – that the answer isn’t about politics.

(Eastwood is notoriously non-partisan, though a known McCain supporter who can’t recall ever voting for a Democratic presidential candidate; and as a fiscal conservative, spoke out against the auto industry bail-out.)

In fact, if the exact words of the ad were spoken by Newt or Mitt from a stump speech platform, it would have been roundly praised by the current haters.

So what’s wrong with Clint saying this is a great nation?

He didn’t say it in a way that was purely political.

He didn’t say “the Republicans in this nation are great” or “This nation is great because of the Republicans” or “There is a non-Republican in the White House – this nation sucks!”

This is what we’ve come to people: if you have something to say that is not political, then it is unacceptable and should not be allowed to be spoken in public.

Especially if it is pro-USA.

So let me ask you one question, punk:

Do you love America?

Then you, my friend, are offensive.

Just my thoughts,



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