The Artist

Tom Provost argues for an Oscar for The Artist over on his new blog.

While not my first choice, I did thoroughly enjoy the movie, and would not be displeased if it did win the big prize.

(In case you were wondering, my first choice is now Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s the underdog in this contest, but I’m still holding out hope…)

Two favorite lines from Tom’s post:

Telling an entertaining story, by which I mean holding someone’s attention in an engaging way, is ultimately what movies are about.


I’d like to take a two-pronged approach here: Bull****. And so what.

(Yeah, I bleeped it – my niece reads this blog. You know, the one with sensitive reading ears.)

A goodly start for a new blogger – I look forward to seeing what else he has to say.

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “The Artist”

  1. Tom Provost says :

    Thanks for the shout out, Sir!

    That image captures so well the magic of this movie for me.


  2. gaffneyinkwell says :

    I was going to go for the more recognizable picture, but you are right – that image is pitch perfect.

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