Attempted Murder

Saw this first from friend Lauren.

Took me a second, made me laugh.

Three days later, still thinking about it, still laughing.


5 responses to “Attempted Murder”

  1. David Goulet says :

    Can you give me a hint? I’m not getting it.

  2. gaffneyinkwell says :

    It’s only two crows, thus not a full group.

  3. David Goulet says :

    Okay, so after racking my brains with all manner of wordplay: i.e. ‘two crows for comfort’, ‘probable caws’, ‘raven lunatics’ – my coworker (either more literate or more into birds) told me the critical element I was missing. Getting the answer was murder alright.

  4. gaffneyinkwell says :

    And finally my motivation is exposed: I write this blog solely to torture you, David! Bwaa haa haaaaa! (Oh, and “Raven Lunatics” is a great name for a band…”

  5. David Goulet says :

    There was a band called Raven Lunatics, but they were nothing to crow about.

    See, two can play the torture game. Hmmmmm yes.

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