Mad Reasoning

Every year I compete against relatives in selecting the winners of March Madness.

For a couple of years, I misunderstood and thought we were abbreviating March Hare/Mad Hatter, and voted for the dormouse or the Chesire Cat, although I didn’t really understand how one “wins” a tea party.

Then someone explained it was about basketball.

If bracket betting is scored the way that golf is, I have to say that I’m consistently a winner. If it isn’t scored as golf is, then I would rather not talk about it.

How does a genius like me pick the winners in college basketball? Glad you asked. Mostly I go Hollywood.

Here is a peek inside my process:

-Kentucky gets to the finals. Why? Because Justified had such a great season last year, and shows no signs of stopping. A vote for Kentucky is a vote for Raylan Givens.

-VCU makes it past the first round, because while I don’t watch the show myself, I understand Mariska Hargitay won several awards for her work on it, so it must be good. Chun-chung!

-Iowa state makes it to round two, because if you build it, they will come.

-UNLV makes it to the second round, because I like poker.

-Notre Dame – Rudy. Nuff said.

-Duke goes past one round, because John Wayne kicks butt!

-Murray St. goes past two rounds, cause Bill Murray can do anything! Did you see him in Zombieland? Ah, that was great.

-Marguette goes, because of that beautiful, talented Good Wife/ER actress, Juilliana Marquette. Wait, that’s not her name…

-Syracuse goes deep, because nothing rhymes with Orange.

-Southern Miss – Sandra Bullock, Kristin Chenoweth, Kyra Sedgwick… ahh, Southern Misses…

-St. Bonaventura – never go against a saint.

-Gonzaga moves forward, ‘cuz he’s one of my favorite muppets.

-Creighton gets a free round, ‘cuz Michael created ER, which starred Julianna Marquette.

-Temple moves forward – unless their game is on the Sabbath

-St. Mary’s – see above.

Last man standing: Kentucky.  I’m telling you, if you watched last season’s finale you wouldn’t doubt me for a second.

Just my thoughts,



One response to “Mad Reasoning”

  1. David Goulet says :

    Impressive strategy. I tend to just base my picks on the mascots of the teams. Kind of a Worlds Deadliest Mascots tournament. Here’s some advice to South Carolina, you have no chance at this tourney with a name like Gamecocks.

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