Promise Me the Moon

When I was a kid, it wouldn’t have taken much for a presidential candidate to win my vote.

Promising a few more snow days would be a good start.

A soda machine in every house (who needs a chicken?)

Unlimited access to comic books.

Can’t say I cared much about the economy, or foreign relations, or silly stuff like that.

Get me something practical, like and extra hour of cartoons on Saturday morning, and I would be content.

Over at Think Christian, Gideon Strauss suggests that maybe we shouldn’t let our childish desires determine our choice of candidates.

Easy for him to say. He probably had a soda machine in his house when growing up.




2 responses to “Promise Me the Moon”

  1. Mark Oppenlander (@poppenlander) says :

    I had the pleasure of hearing Gideon speak a few months ago when he visited SPU as a guest of our Center for Integrity in Business. He spoke on the idea that business and government do not have to be eternal enemies. I very much enjoyed his POV.

    But I doubt he had a soda machine in his house; I believe he grew up in South Africa and I don’t think they drink soda there, do they? 😉

  2. gaffneyinkwell says :

    Coca Cola is firmly esconced in South Africa; but the soda machine and snow days would be how you win my vote. No idea if they would work on Gideon.

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