Grilled Cheese

I’ve tried to keep these posts from devolving into the mundane: updates on what I’m having for lunch or mood statements or how cute I think my cats are. (River is adorkable. There, I’ve used that word in a sentence)

But this week I think I need to be mundane, starting today with a lunch report.

I’m going to have lunch at the WB cafeteria today.

The first Hollywood lot I was ever on was the Warner lot – and to this day, I don’t think any other lot compares. Good thing, as I work here.

Jack Gilbert introduced me to the lot over a decade ago – I was going through the Act One writing program and Jack was my mentor. At the time, he ran the WB Writer’s Workshop.

I met him at his office in the television building, and we walked across the lot – wending our way through what would be Stars Hollow and the streets of Chicago to get there.

Jack ordered his usual – a grilled cheese sandwich.

He still preferred the comfort of the grilled cheese when I would run into him on the lot years later – this time me with the full time WB job, and he doing the first round of reading for the Workshop folk. We didn’t always plan to meet, but good fortune would often let me find him – usually near the door, a stack of scripts on the floor, a couple piles on the table having been rated by him, the grilled cheese on a plate in the midst of the paper.

And I would get my update – what’s the hottest trending spec this season, what’s the most overdone spec so far, what new shows did Jack have to learn before diving into the reading. (Jack would always make sure to watch a couple episodes of a show before judging a spec script – which often took him far afield from what he would normally choose to watch.)

As I said at the start of this post, I’ll be going to the cafeteria for lunch today.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for Jack.

Might even order the grilled cheese for myself.

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Grilled Cheese”

  1. Lauri says :

    Enjoy the grilled cheese. I was just thinking of you and Jack in the WB Cafeteria this morning, remembering how we ran into you there last summer when I brought my niece to the lot. She was on a mission to “see someone famous”. (She was hoping for Ellen or Zac Levi.) After we left the two of you, I told her she had just met the famous Jack Gilbert. She thought I was kidding. When she gets to heaven, she will know I wasn’t.

  2. Terri Adams says :


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