Friends from a Distance

Don Miller is onto something interesting, as he talks about filtering relationships.

I offer a corollary –

Not all friends are good for all situations.

For example, I have friends I discuss politics with – but there is a circle that I love no less, but it’s better for us both if we don’t go there.

I have some friends that I am friends with only because I avoid working with them. Too much conflicting work styles would kill the friendship.

Joel is a close friend, but he’s not part of my book club. (And for those of you saying, “What about Catherine?” Yep, she is my closest friend in LA, but I don’t play poker with her.)

We do live in a society of correctness, that implies that all friends are created equal. I just read about elementary schools across the pond that are banning the notion of “best friends” among the kidlets in an attempt to remove the pain of rejection.

But life isn’t designed that way – and that’s not a judgment on those that don’t make all the inner circles, either.

Jesus loved Lazarus; it was Lazarus’ house that Jesus turned to when he needed a break. But Lazarus wasn’t one of the chosen twelve.

Thomas was the one apostle that when Jesus said he was going to Judea to die, replied with, “All right, then. Let’s go die with him.” Andrew is the apostle that introduced Peter, the Rock himself, to Jesus.

Neither one gets invited along when Jesus decides to go off to pray, or up a mount to be all transfigurated.

And none of them are there at the tomb when Jesus decides that the first person who gets to interact with him post-resurrection is a woman.

And that’s okay.

Part of being a social animal is having different socializings with different socialites.

So from here on out, I declare all filtering, distancing, circling and interaction sectoring to be guilt-free.

Just my thoughts,



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