New Parchment, Bad Ink

Writers complain. We do – it’s true.

About blank pages, and stiff backs, and poor lighting.

About having the need to tell stories, about not having stories to tell.

It’s not a new phenomenon. (Doo doo da doo dah) Just to prove it, the folks over at Brain Pickings have a list of complaints made by medieval monks as they illuminated manuscripts.

Among the comments found scribbled in the margins are some universals that just do not go away:

Writing is excessive drudgery. It crooks your back, it dims your sight, it twists your stomach and your sides.

Here’s one for those forced to read the  lines of another:

That’s a hard page and a weary work to read it.

And for us all:

Now I’ve written the whole thing; for Chxxxt’s sake, give me a drink!

Yep, clearly written by a monk.

Just my thoughts,



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