Jesus Christ: Do You Think You’re What They Say You Are?

Beacon will be showing Jesus Christ Superstar at Bel Air Pres this coming Sunday at 7:30pm. (Info here.)

After the movie, there will be a discussion, led my Kim Dorr and Sean Gaffney. (Hopefully you recognize that last name. My spell check doesn’t. Wants to change it to “gaffe.” Spell check, oh so good for the ego.)

Among the things we will talk about is the question, “Do atheists tell Christian stories better than Christians?”

Come on up and check it out.

Side story: When I was in college, I was in a production of JCS. Part of my job was to hold down Jesus’ arms as the “nails” were driven in. During one performance, the hammer guy was slightly out of position, and his back swing with the hammer caught me right in the forehead. Didn’t really hurt, so I ignored it.

Until a little later, as we all stood on stage looking up at the dying Christ. Mary Magdalene, weeping hysterically, turned her head away from the crucifix, saw me, blanched and her look of theatrical horror turned real. I reached up to my forehead and got a handful of blood. I was bleeding more than the show’s star.

For those of you not in the biz, yes – I was all right. Looked worse than it was.

For those of you in the biz, yes – I finished the show fine. Pulled my hat over the wound and kept my face pointing upstage as much as possible. Costumer was ticked though – ruined the hat.

Just my thoughts,



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