Today in History: Party Poopers Start Revolution

This day in history:

In 1775, 700 British troops marched into Lexington at 5am, only to discover about 70 Minutemen waiting on the green. Someone fired, someone fired back, and the American Revolution was started. All an unnecessary misunderstanding.

The British troops over reacted – this was five in the morning, people. The Americans didn’t get up to fight the Brits – who gets up at 5 am to fight – am I right?

The Minutemen, a nickname for the local partiers, were on their way home from an all night rave (they called them “tea parties” back then), and were waiting on the green for their designated driver to show up. (Some guy named Revere – notorious for his late night designated rides.)

Too late for the Brits to admit their mistake, so instead we fought a war. And that’s how our country got started.


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