Glooming Success

I came across a typo in a blog I read – the writer was pointing out that some people like to share in victories that they didn’t earn.  She warned of people “looking to gloom onto your success.”

She meant “glom” – but it is a wonderful typo because it has meaning of its own.

I have people in my life that try to gloom onto my success – rather than be happy with me, they gloom it up whenever I share a win. You know those people – ready with a negative example of why your happiness will only be fleeting.

You say you’re getting married, they start telling horror stories of couples that broke up right before the wedding.

You say you got a job, they toss statistics of people who lose their work within a month of being hired.

I recently told a friend about a project I’m working on – shooting a short film for fun with a bunch of friends, having a blast creating together. My pal took the next ten minutes trying to convince me that it was a waste of time, because no one ever got rich from making a short film.

I’m working on a project for fun and fellowship; he thinks it’s a waste because it won’t make me wealthy.

He then asked me how come he wasn’t asked to be part of the film team. I wonder why.

I don’t know what it is about success that cause such a knee-jerk gloom response; perhaps jealousy, or their own defense mechanism against getting hopes up too high.

Maybe it is out of love that they are so negative – trying to protect us from our own successes.

But here’s my advice – protect yourself from their protection.

Take joy where you can get it, and enjoy joy while it lasts.




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