Les Miz

I was all kinds of excited when the musical Phantom of the Opera was made into a movie.  I loved the stage version, and the preview showed a brilliant filmic opening – the cleansing of the Paris Opera House by the wind, thrusting us into the past and the story of the opera ghost.

I was all kinds of disappointed when I actually saw the film, and realized that the opening scene was the last cinematic gem we would get.

So, not being an idiot, I wasn’t all kinds of excited to hear that a musical dearer to my heart, Les Miserables, was being turned into a film.

But then again, my memory isn’t all that great, and I am an idiot (previous sentence not withstanding), so I forgot past disappointments when viewing this trailer, and am all kinds of excited again.

Perfect trailer – focus on one song to give us a picture of what the filmmakers intend.

All kinds of excited.


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