Betty & DD: Musical Acting

I spent Sunday from 9am to 11pm on set for a Betty & DD shoot.

And I wasn’t there the longest…

I was grip, pa, gaff, boom, playback, and extra – depending on what time of the day you might have happened by.

Mark Baer, Cory Edwards and Graham Shaw


It is a musical episode – a bit of a dream sequence. Teleplay and lyrics by Sean Gaffney; music by Ray Schnurr; directed by Cory Edwards; dp and a shot by Mark Baer.

Eugene (Seth Marstrand) shows Betty (Julie Mitchell) how life is better as a musical

Very fun to be on set for something I wrote. Ray’s music so elevated my words; Cory’s vision made my story so much stronger and more creative than I could have thought; and the actors just plain make me look good.

Getting in place for Liz’s (Catherine Gaffney) big number

Cory and company were very good with finding place for folks like Ray and me to cameo. When you see the finished product, my right shoulder fits in very prominently in the above scene.

Betty joined by Charla (Karen Whipple)

The composer for the episode also wrote the intro and credits music for Betty & DD. Bit of trivia: Karen Whipple, who plays Charla, Betty’s acting nemesis, is the voice for the theme song.

A Moo Moo kind of day with full cast and extras

A total blast of a day – as you can see by how much fun the cast was having.

For a set up to this episode, visit Betty and DD.




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