This Day in History: Rosetta Stone

This day in history: in 1799, a soldier with Napoleon’s army found Rosetta Stone. Which is interesting primarily because no one knew that she was lost. Her face wasn’t even on a milk carton.

Apparently, Ms. Stone is an important figure in the world of language translations.

If I remember the story correctly, Rosetta refused to sit in the back of the bus, and the bus driver swore at her in Greek, and then swore again at her in Hieroglyphics. (Hieroglyphics is the language that superhieroes use when talking to each other. I’m guessing the swear word was one of Batman’s.)

By comparing the two swear words – the one in Greek (in modern usage, the “r” is often dropped in that word, instead being rendered as “Geek”) and the other one, scholars have been able to understand superheroes  as well as answer the question, “Who are all these people at ComicCon?”

Christopher Nolan, a world renowned Geek, used this incident in Rosetta Stone’s life to understand the Batman; so it is only fitting that the final installment of his trilogy open at midnight on the anniversary of the day that poor girl was finally found.

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