Those Whacky Lutherans

Every now and then I come across something outside my wheel house that feeds me, despite not necessarily aligning with all the content.

Pastor Bolz-Webber constitutes outside my wheelhouse; but I dig her story, and found myself thinking,

“Ooh, I don’t agree with that, but we sure need more of it.”

And I found it inspiring, and convicting, and motivating.

Near as I can figure, she was speaking to a Lutheran youth gathering.




One response to “Those Whacky Lutherans”

  1. Mark Oppenlander (@poppenlander) says :

    Pastor Bolz-Webber sometimes contributes to the Sojourners blog. I agree with you that I don’t always agree with everything she says, but I think she is an important voice in the evangelical landscape. Thanks for sharing.

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