This Day in History: POW

A cursory glance at the internet revealed this headline:

Aug 16, 1945: Senior U.S. POW is released from prison camp.

Good news, but here is the rest of the story:

BAM! and BIFF escaped by digging a tunnel under the fence.

KA-BLAM! stole a guard’s uniform and walked out the front gate.

BAP! and ZOK! intentional stayed behind and ran a spy ring out of the camp.

ZWAPP! and CRUNCH! made wire cutters out of bed springs, and went through the fence.

And as we all know, WHAM! was able to escape on the last Christmas through an elaborate scheme hatched in careful whispers. That bad boy bribed a guard by given him everything he wants; yet the plan was almost foiled when the commandant woke up before WHAM went went.

Just my thoughts,



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