Aw Crap Rap

So by now, you know that I wrote a musical episode for Betty & DD.

Here’s how Gunther’s rap came to life: In the musical, the idea was to give each main character a taste of what’s happening in their inner life, leading up to Betty’s secret shame.

I thought it would be a hoot to suggest that Gunther is a frustrated rapper – for those that don’t follow the series, Gunther is notorious for speaking in one word sentences – especially irksome for those trying to, say, teach him about narration or interrogate him about a crime.

So the joke is: Gunther really wants to rap, but as he only speaks in one word sentences, his rap stinks.

When the script was turned in, Marcus (the actor playing Gunther) was disappointed. Turns out he always wanted to try rapping, heard we were writing a rap for his character – and then realized what we did: Gunther’s rap would be lame. Marcus wasn’t complaining, mind you. But he was disappointed.

Which lead to thinking: Is there a way to stay true to Gunther’s character, and yet give Marcus a chance to rap?

Since the whole musical really takes place inside of someone’s head, what if we Inceptioned this puppy, and went inside Gunther’s head while he was inside Betty’s head? So I built a fortress in a snow filled landscape…

No, wait. Wrong head.

What I did do was write a rap where Gunther shows his frustration at not being able to rap (paying high attention to using an advanced vocabulary to show his frustration at having a limited vocabulary.)

Ray took to it with vigor, and put it to music; Cory caught a vision for direction; Marcus jumped into a series of tongue twisters with abandon; and we threw in a baby. This is what we ended up with:


Some of my favorite bits:

-That I worked in a reference to Wittenberg (I am a member of a Presbyterian church after all)

-Ray taking a quick “Oh the humanity” after the Hindenburg reference, and turning that into a recurring chorus

-The baby. Random, but makes me laugh.




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