This Day in History: Yellow Fever

This day in history: In 1793, Yellow Fever breaks out in Philadelphia.

Justin Yellow, a fifteen year old pop singer, performed his newest single “Yankee Doodle, Baby” at Liberty Hall, instantly causing all girls between the ages of nine and thirteen to fall into a deep swoon.

The American government, at that time ensconced in Philadelphia, fled the city – but clearly not soon enough, as this line in George Washington’s State of the Union address shows:

If I was your president, I’d never let you go;

I can take you places you ain’t never been before.

Then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying this about the epidemic:

I haven’t been this scared for public health since the Mmmbop Pestilence of 1787.

Of course, to be fair, Jefferson himself was involved in a similar breakout in his youth, when his sister, Marcia Jefferson, invited singer/pirate John Paul “Davy” Jones to play the lute at their high school prom.

History, it seems, repeats itself.



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