Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (T-32 Weeks)

So I’m doing a Marathon, and my wife says I should start training for it. Which is way ridiculous, as 1) it isn’t until May and 2) I’m on a team, which means I only have to eat 1/5 of it.

Which I can do in my sleep. The caramel might give me trouble, but how hard can it be?



UPDATE: Since this last post, I have been informed that while I thought I was volunteering for a candy bar eating contest, aka:

I really volunteered to run a race called “the marathon.”

Okay, I feel silly. That’s something I should have known. (I was wondering why anyone would need a team to eat a Marathon bar.)

Well as long as the race is short, I’m okay. I used to run a mean 50 yard dash. I think I could still make that. Yeah, I’m okay.



Just looked up “marathon” on the google. I’m doomed.




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