Study of Running: Health Advice from an Avowed Couch Potato (Marathon T-28 Weeks)

My brother, the runner, coach PE instructor blah blah blah, claims that running is more that just going out and moving fast.

There’s a science to it, and studies show something or other about such and such – I don’t know, I stopped listening to him the moment I realized we weren’t going to talk about Pop Tarts (why is the Vanilla Creme so hard to find? Does Vanilla only grow seasonally?)

But I took whatever it was he said to heart, and realized that I should study the art of running.

So I’ve set the Tivo to look for:  The Amazing Race, Midnight Run, The Running Man and Chicken Run.

Am I missing anything?



Hey, want to support a great cause while following my workout advice? Check this out: CLICK HERE.

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