Vitamins: Health Advice from an Avowed Couch Potato (Marathon T- 27 Weeks)

Apparently an important part of being healthy is knowing your vitamins. Now a lesser healthtician would look up some stuff before talking about vitamins, but I am pretty much an expert already: I grew up watching every Flintstones episode on TV, so there can’t be much more for me to learn.

For your benefit, here are the vitamins:

Vitamin A: All you really need to know is that this is the vitamin of choice for the Fonz.

Vitamin B: Should you take B, or not take B? Huh, that does seem to be the question.

Vitamin C: This is an important one, for avoiding the common cold or the common scurvy. C comes from oranges, so I assume it is a food color kind of thing. So make sure to have plenty of orange food in your diet.

Okay, I know what some of you are saying: Doritos are orange, so if I eat a lot of Doritos, I get all my vitamin C, right?

What a maroon. Of course not.

Only the nacho cheese flavored Doritos are orange – if you aren’t eating in balance, and just crushing on the cool ranch, you won’t get nearly enough C. So make sure your Doritos are orange to get the full health benefit.

Okay, that just made me hungry, so I’m going to stop now. We will cover the rest of the vitamins next week.



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