Sprinting: Health Advice from an Avowed Couch Potato (Marathon T- 20 Weeks)

Apparently marathons are a slow, steady type race. Not to say that at times you shouldn’t step things up. I’ve seen race movies, and the end is always a sprint.

So it isn’t enough to be able to just keep moving, you have to train to be able to sprint at a moment’s notice. Now you can do this by going out and practicing, OR you can follow my methods of forcing sprinting without meaning to:

-Spring training: Park your car on a hill, realize as you are walking away that you did not put on the emergency brake;

-Summer training: Realize that the ice cream truck music is moving away from and not toward your house;

– Fall training: Be in the living room watching television with your siblings when you hear your mom announce from the kitchen, “Only one more piece of pumpkin pie left!”;

-Winter training: Wait until the eleven o’clock news anchor says, “One hour to midnight, and Christmas is finally here!” before asking yourself, “Did I get anything for my wife?”



Hey, want to support a great cause while following my workout advice? CLICK HERE.

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