What’s this from? The ‘cycle

Another prop hanging up in the halls of Asbury. The model showing off the bike is the ever lovely Abby. Some more clues for you:

-For those that are automatically jumping to one of the Mission Impossible movies, Cruise is not that short.

-It is a sequel, but they didn’t call it that.


Guess away.

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6 responses to “What’s this from? The ‘cycle”

  1. tomholste says :

    I can’t find visual confirmation of this, but based on the “short” comment, I’m going to guess that it’s Miss Piggy’s motorcycle from “The Great Muppet Caper” (which could also be considered a sequel, but they didn’t call it that).

  2. Mark Oppenlander says :

    Is this a model they used for “Tron: Legacy” perhaps?

  3. omarpoppenlander says :

    Lots of CGI, huh? Now I’m thinking “Stuart Little” or some other kids movie.

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