CF Fundraising

Dear Friends,

CF still stands for Cystic Fibrosis, and not Cure Found, so it is that time again.

My niece Harper fights with this disease. I recorded my thoughts on what it means to be an uncle of a CF kid for my sister. You can see that here:

Some of you may remember when I used to participate with my family in running part of the Pittsburg Marathon to raise money – well my knees have decided that I am past that game.

Instead, Catherine and I have joined in the 65Roses 65 Miles campaign. Catherine and I will walk a minimum of 65 miles each over the course of the six week challenge. We walk from August 1 to September 12.

In addition, Catherine and I will video a weekly insight into media/faith every week, either during or immediately after our exercise. You can see examples by scrolling down on this blog.

Will you help me? Any size gift helps.

To donate: Go to my fundraising page, or Catherine’s page and click the DONATE button in the right column.

Feel free to pass on this information to anyone that might wish to help.


Older picture of Harper and me – but still one of my favorites!

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