#21 Adventure

Up to this point, our vacations were rigorously scheduled. We had a timetable, with every bit planned in advance. However, as we got more into the marriage, the realization that God had us on a whacky ride that did not fit our own plans started to become clear. And even more so, that we kind of liked the ride.

So, on this particular vacation, driving home we saw a sign saying there was an attraction off the highway. Way off the highway.

She looked at me. Paused. Said, “Want to go?”

And we did. Had to find a new place to stay near this unplanned attraction. And different places to eat. And different things to do. All on the fly.

We had a blast. That has been our life, an adventure. We plan, then we scrap the plans to go where the wind sends us.

(originally posted as a countdown to our silver anniversary)

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