#15 Pretty Bird

When married to a voiceover artist, one gets used to overhearing strange conversations. This was impressed on me very early on.

I heard someone saying, “Hello, pretty bird” over and over and over again. Each iteration was slightly different, the voice changing qualities with each, “hello.”

Turns out, no surprise, but it was her, crouched at a window, attempting to get a bird on the other side of the glass to participate in a conversation. She seemed convinced that if she could find the bird’s “voice,” she could talk to the animals.

Just imagine it.

To this day, she continues to find the “voice” of birds, cats, and inanimate objects. I can’t complain – the check for voicing the game Twister (yes, that Twister) was pretty nice.

So let’s all say it together: “Hello, pretty bird.”

{originally posted as a countdown to our silver anniversary}

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