#13 Lights

Her and her ocean

She grew up in the San Francisco area, so she thinks any mention of “city” or “bay” automatically refers to SF. Sorry Packers.

Of course, having been raised better, I know that if you refer to “The city” to anyone other than locals, you mean The Big Apple; aka the city. Not just a city. You know, a city like LA, or Chi-town, or San Fran.

So when I told her that the theme to my junior prom was that song that starts, “When the lights go down in the city,” she expressed surprise. When I told her that we therefore decorated our gym to look like a New York City skyline, she looked at me in horror.

She insisted that the song was about San Francisco.

I don’t think so, I said, with a bemused smirk. “It says right in the lyric,” I clarified. “When the lights go down in THE city. Not a city, THE city. New York. Case closed.”

She says the next line is “And the sun shines on the bay.”

Pfft. New York has Hudson Bay. Duh. Not every bay means San Francisco. (Right, Packers?)

She still insists that the song is about San Francisco, against all reason.

I mean, sure, Journey was founded in San Francisco.

Sure they were a big hit there before moving on.

Sure the San Francisco Giants play the song at their home games – but then again, aren’t they really the New York Giants, just transplanted? I mean, if I were the SF Giants, I would pine away for the days when they played in the Subway series too.

Sure, the co-writer Neal Schon grew up in San Mateo. Coincidence.

And sure, Steve Perry claims that the song is about San Francisco, and walking the Golden Gate as the sun comes up and the SF lights go down. But what would he know?

Sometimes you just can’t reason with her. So I let her go on pretending her crazy Lights theory has merit.

Compromise, that’s the key to a successful relationship.

{originally posted as a countdown to our silver anniversary}

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