#12 Cards

I come from a card playing family. So when we had a vacation coming up with my parents, I thought it best that she learn how to play pinochle.

She grumbled – so many rules, melds to try and add up, plus keeping track of every card played- too hard. And getting used to my family, which means understanding that talking across the board is against the rules; but mentioning that novel your book group is reading, or about Uncle Harry’s triple bypass, or that James Bond movie with Blofeld in Las Vegas, or how that guy starring in Joe Dirt just isn’t as funny as people think is in no way talking across the board.

She did well on the trip – in fact, remarkably so, winning just about every time. This is known as “beginner’s luck.”

She has been continuing beginner’s luck at cards for a couple of decades now. She wins all the time.

So I mix up the games, teaching her a new one so I have a chance. Until she gets it, and starts trouncing me again.

We played 13 with Gil and BJ across England. Gil and I soon learned the law of 13: us menfolk never get to win.

Crazy Eights, gin, Uno, single deck pinochle. Losing to her in a variety of ways seems to be my lot in life.

But then again, every night at dinner I get to sit across the table from her and complain about getting a hand full of nines…

So who’s the real winner here?

I think Gil will back me up in this: It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s the view across the table during the game.

{originally posted as a countdown to our silver anniversary}

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