#8 Beau Jest

We met in person right at the start of rehearsals for Beau Jest. She was playing the lead; I was just the new Managing Director. I had misgivings about the show – I worked admin on the New York production, had seen it a gazillion times, and my standards were pretty high. To be honest, I was worried that my first show with this new company might send me packing back to the east coast.

I needn’t worry. The director really knew what she was doing, and found comedy beats and real heart where the fancy New York folk hadn’t.

And that lead actress – well, watching her work her magic on stage worked on me. Nothing is as sexy as laughter, and she made me laugh.

Still does.

And yes, that does mean she’s still just as sexy.

{originally posted as part of the countdown to our silver anniversary}

Her, Shawn and Curt in Beau Jest

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