Of Note

I am enjoying my full time teaching gig as head of the Script and Screenwriting MFA and MA at Regent University. I still find it challenging getting used to the ebb and flow of the schedule, but I love being in the classroom. Seeing some of the marvelous work coming from the students is a reward unmatched in any other arena.

The Feature Film I wrote, In-Lawfully Yours, is now available on Netflix and in Walmart. Directed by Rob Kirbyson, starring Chelsea Crisp, Joe Williamson, Philip Boyd, Marilu Henner and Corbin Bernsen. You can see the trailer here.

Writing projects I’m working on:

Superbook has contracted me to write a series of videos in support of their Church curriculum to go alongside the main videos. It has been fun – these videos are more research heavy in a documentary style. If you follow the link, you can see examples of the Bible Background and Signpost videos that I am writing.

Orbie for Orphans, a ministry dedicated to orphans and foster children, hired write Rayne Warne and me to write a series of story books, sketches and other material. They have a comical pair of friends – a frog and a dog – they get into all kinds of messes; as well as a lightning bug (Orbie) who “sheds light” on their situations. It is a fun project to work on.

I am continuing work developing a television pilot with Joel McCrary and David Storrs. It is good for my soul that my LA friends are including me on their projects, despite being on the far coast.

More ongoing stuff:

My children’s chapter book, LARRYBOY AND THE EMPEROR OF ENVY  and LARRYBOY AND THE SINISTER SNOWDAY have been reprinted with another book to make one mega-book – LARRYBOY AND THE HIDEOUS HORDE.  EMPEROR OF ENVY has entered its 6th printing, with 67,500 copies in print (published through ZonderKidz). And LARRYBOY AND THE SINISTER SNOW DAY is now at 35,500 copies in print.

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