See My Work Here

See my writing work on the web:

  • Not Your Romeo & Juliet can be ordered through Amazon and Vudu.
  • Inlawfully Yours and Mary 4 Mayor are available on Amazon Prime.
  • The Superbook Show (On YouTube; I co-created this with Karen Thomson; several episodes written by me; I am story editor on all episodes)
  • Superbook Academy (You can scroll down to see a preview of the Bible Background and Signpost – samples of the scripts I write for this Sunday School curriculum.)
  • Saltworks Studios (At this point, none of my videos are yet available – but still worth checking this space out! Saltworks will be the repository for the videos created through B.A.D.D. – and soon will include plenty of Gaffney classics.)
  • Superbook (You can see full episodes from Season 1 for free on this site, or by downloading the free Superbook Bible App. My episodes include: A Giant Adventure, The Last Supper and Revelation, Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream, Samuel and the Call of God.)

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