Infinity War: The Ending

In which I discuss Lee Garrison’s questions about the ending of the Avengers movie. Did they make a mistake ending it the way they did?

Truth about Jeremiah Discovered

One of my writing gigs includes delving into Biblical Archaeology, so I was excited when this article by the Babylon Bee was forwarded to me. Who would have guessed that scholars would be able to prove that only the super-encouraging verse in the book of Jeremiah is authentic!

Check it out here.

“Confirmed: Earliest Manuscripts Of Jeremiah Just Had Chapter 29 Verse 11”

Beauty Part Two – You Are Beautiful

Part One is here.

We are continuing the conversation on beauty. Our group talked about the distortion last time. Next we turned our attention to the idea that only 2% of women think they are beautiful.

Peter (one of the Biblical letter writers) talked about inner beauty. It made us wonder how much thinking you are beautiful helps make you appear beautiful.

Which led us to watching this video. (Warning, there are some foul words ahead.)

Among the things we noticed from the experience of watching:

-Many of the subjects lit up upon hearing that they were considered beautiful. Which made them even more beautiful. This is some of that inner stuff leaking out.

-We were struck by the guy who at first lit up, but then decided he didn’t believe Shea. How often do we do the same thing with any received compliment? First feel good, then rationalize it away.

How twisted is that as a defense mechanism? To choose not to believe a compliment rather than risk confirming what we are already thinking.

-Like the woman who got angry; so far from thinking she could possibly be beautiful that she defaults to assuming that a compliment is an attack.

Shea unveils a hidden truism in her experiment – everyone is made beautiful.

God made us beautiful. Yet we struggle to believe this is true.

As people of faith, we know that God made everyone uniquely gorgeous. What if part of our view of evangelism was simply letting people know that?

What if being part of church included feeling like a worthy work of art?

What if when we look at people outside the church, we see their beauty before we see them as anything else?

What would that do for the image of the Bride of Christ?

Just wondering.

More later.



Advice from Billy Wilder

One of my favorite sites from the past – List of Note. This one features Billy Wilder’s advice, including:

7. A tip from Lubitsch: Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever.

For the full list, head here.

Where’s this From: ID and Business Card

A few more props from film/TV hanging in the halls of Asbury U. Can you guess where these come from?


During my interview with Kitty Bucholtz (Write Now! Workshop), I gave my theory on why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more resonate than the DC Universe (in the movies, that is). And I explain why Infinity War had to end as it did. Enjoy!

For the full interview, go to here.

Where’s this from…

No winner this week. Here are the props that are displayed on the walls of Asbury’s Communications building.

They are arm bands from Schindler’s List.

Beauty Part One – Evolution

Another topic my Sunday School attacked was how our culture approaches the concept of beauty. We approached this in three steps. First, we looked at the distortion of beauty. Here is our kick-off quote.

It was pointed out that 2% of women consider themselves to be beautiful. Thanks to Dove, we had an insight to how natural our concept of the benchmark of beauty is. Check out this short:

Nothing new, we’ve known this goes on for a while now. As “All About the Bass” reinforces, “we know that ish ain’t real, come on now make it stop.” But despite knowing it ain’t real, we still as a culture fall into the trap of seeing this as natural beauty.

What does our faith tell us about this?

No mention of photoshop or even makeup. Guess Peter wasn’t hip to the media. Notice the qualities that are in focus: your looks from the inside. The “who” one is is more than important than the “what” one looks like.

So when talking about beauty, we have to realize that we are starting in distortion; we are trained to see beauty in all the wrong ways. This means we need to work at seeing rightly.

We need to work at it.

Think on that for a while. I’ll take on part two shortly.



Star Props

Here are more props hanging in the halls of Asbury’s Communications building.

What film/TV show/play are these from?

Do you like pets?

The fans of the Superbook Show do! The show (which I co-created with Karen Thomson) has an episode on pets – and we have over 120,000 views! Let’s add to that!