Marathon Training: Health Advice from an Avowed Couch Potato (Marathon T-29 Weeks)

No school today, so a good time to get serious about the marathon training. I figure I need to see how in shape for this I am, sort of a base line to mark improvement from.

So today is marathon try #1 day, baby!

So far I’m doing good: I’ve finished the entire Battlestar Galactica miniseries, and am digging into season 1. It’s tiring – I probably should have started with something lighter, like Parks & Rec or Gilmore Girls. Hindsight…

I’m doing this up like the pros do. I have Cath stationed with little cups of Doritos between the couch and the kitchen, so I can re-nacho-ate at regular intervals. And I’m not ignoring my liquids – I have three colors of Dew within arms reach at all times. Got to keep healthy, people!

Tired, but I think I can push through a few more episodes. “Gonna Fly Now!”



Hey, want to support a great cause while following my workout advice? Check this out: CLICK HERE.

Me on TV

Producer Annika Young has put together a segment on the writing of Superbook; and I am featured in the piece.

The story will air on The 700 Club on Friday, October 10th. Check your local listings.

Here are a few shots from the interview taken by Shawn Gary:

With producer Annika and Superbook powerhouse, John Schafer

With producer Annika and Superbook powerhouse, John Schafer

Sean thinking

This last one, they caught me thinking between takes. The serious look on my face implies that I am either thinking about how SB is changing the way the youth of the world think about the Bible; or I’m wondering if there will be any donuts at the craft table.

If you see the feature tomorrow, let me know what you think. I haven’t seen it yet – and am very curious!

just my thoughts,


Eat Right: Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (Marathon T-30 weeks)

Getting in shape isn’t just about exercise, you also have to eat right. Which is why I am making a conscious effort to add more fruit to my diet.

Starting now, I am making a preponderance of my Poptarts the kind that has the fruit filling.

And my breakfast cereal of choice from here on out is Cap’n Crunch – with the Crunchberries.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. “Why not get the Crunch that is all Crunchberries?”

Duh – a healthy diet is a balanced diet. Those little crunch squares balance off the fruit. Add milk, and you got yourself a pyramid in a bowl.



Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (T – 31 Weeks)

A risk in workouts is focusing on one part of the body, and ignoring the others. This apparently creates an imbalance, like really thick arms and puny legs. So the key is balance.

For example, on alternate days I work the TV remote with my left hand.

Balance, people. Balance.



To track Sean’s progress toward the marathon, and maybe help out a good cause, CLICK HERE.

Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (T-32 Weeks)

So I’m doing a Marathon, and my wife says I should start training for it. Which is way ridiculous, as 1) it isn’t until May and 2) I’m on a team, which means I only have to eat 1/5 of it.

Which I can do in my sleep. The caramel might give me trouble, but how hard can it be?



UPDATE: Since this last post, I have been informed that while I thought I was volunteering for a candy bar eating contest, aka:

I really volunteered to run a race called “the marathon.”

Okay, I feel silly. That’s something I should have known. (I was wondering why anyone would need a team to eat a Marathon bar.)

Well as long as the race is short, I’m okay. I used to run a mean 50 yard dash. I think I could still make that. Yeah, I’m okay.



Just looked up “marathon” on the google. I’m doomed.



Bass Playing All About That Bass

I’m crazy for Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass (warning: contains passing instances of immature language).

Even more so I’m enraptured by this bass-playing cover by Kate Davis – right on!


Cath also put me onto Jimmy Fallon and the Roots singing along with Meghan. Pure fun.

Feature Film Announcement

I am very excited.

I think, maybe, possibly, there’s a pretty good chance that a script I wrote might be made into a low budget, independent feature film.

And what do I mean by “maybe, possibly?” Well, I was in Hollywood for too long. What I mean is, we have a producer with a solid track record, the funding has been secured, shoot dates have been set, and the producer is in talks with a topnotch director. I even have a contract for the rights. I have signed it; the producers haven’t yet, but say it is on the way.

And I can’t quite bring myself to say it is real, not quite yet. Why? Because as you know, screenwriters are a superstitious and cowardly lot. (Wait, that’s what Batman says about criminals. Allow me to amend.)

Screenwriters are a superstitious lot. As are directors, actors, crew, and caterers. We’ve seen time after time deals that are sure-fire fall apart at the last second.

My friend Dan had a script with a great comedic idea. It was about a guy who was constantly complaining about how bad God was running the universe, who then is hired to temp for the Creator while God went on vacation. Isn’t that a funny idea – a normal guy forced to step in and run the universe as a lesson from the Almighty?

He found a producer, and was in the last stages of finalizing the movie deal when Bruce Almighty was announced with Jim Carrey attached. And bye-bye temping film.

That’s our world, the business we are in. Nothing is certain. Remember how uncertain the country felt about employment and investments in 2008? That’s us entertainment folk all the time.

So, I am going to chronicle my adventures in the screen trade here, fully optimistic about how great this project is going to be. But I will hold off buying the champagne until it’s a wee bit more real.

Just my thoughts,


Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (T – 33 Weeks)

So I’ve agreed to do a partial marathon race for some cause (handful of flowers? fistful of roses? a palm of poinsettias? I can never keep my causes straight).

My wife suggests that maybe I should consider getting into shape. No worries, though. I checked myself out in the mirror, and I am in shape.

Lumpy is a shape, right?



Before Gotham – Gotham PD!

A mockumentary on the hardships (and paperwork) involved when you are a beat cop in the Dark Knight’s city.


Who Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A seasonal favorite, re-purposed for the geek in all of us:

Thanks to the Garcia’s for the tip…