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Not Your Romeo & Juliet Day One

Shooting has begun on the feature I wrote and am producing at Asbury University: Not Your Romeo & Juliet! Day one wrapped – on to day two.

Where’s this Cel from?

More on the walls at Asbury University: This one, with fashion model Catherine standing next to it, is an animation cel used in a movie. A few clues: the bird in the picture may not look it, but it is a robin; the film was not animated; and… okay, I doubt you need any more clues.

Arm Badge of Courage

Ongoing guessing game: Where’s this prop from? This patch for costuming hangs on the walls at Asbury University in part because the TV show was shot, in part, in Kentucky.

That should be plenty of clues. What TV show was this used in?

The Motorcycle Goes To…

Apparently this one was trickier than expected. The closest we got was Omar Poppenlander’s guess of Stuart Little. To be honest, the first time I saw it on the wall at Asbury, my first thought was Stuart Little.

Alas, it was from the apparently little watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeaquel. Below are some storyboards from the movie as well.

What’s this from? The ‘cycle

Another prop hanging up in the halls of Asbury. The model showing off the bike is the ever lovely Abby. Some more clues for you:

-For those that are automatically jumping to one of the Mission Impossible movies, Cruise is not that short.

-It is a sequel, but they didn’t call it that.


Guess away.

Where’s this From: ID and Business Card

A few more props from film/TV hanging in the halls of Asbury U. Can you guess where these come from?

Where’s this from…

No winner this week. Here are the props that are displayed on the walls of Asbury’s Communications building.

They are arm bands from Schindler’s List.

Star Props

Here are more props hanging in the halls of Asbury’s Communications building.

What film/TV show/play are these from?

We have a pants winner…

Wait, that just sounds wrong.

Justin Garcia was the first to name the character; Clark Cranfill the first to figure out which one. As you can see from the pic, an Asbury alum worked on the film.

What’s that from? The Pants.

Another prop hanging in the halls at Asbury University. Can you guess where this is from?