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Arm Badge of Courage

Ongoing guessing game: Where’s this prop from? This patch for costuming hangs on the walls at Asbury University in part because the TV show was shot, in part, in Kentucky.

That should be plenty of clues. What TV show was this used in?

Dialogue as Choreography

A tidbit on approaching dialogue from a production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Beauty Part Three – Coach

We’ve been looking at the concept of beauty. Part one and part two.

The big lesson seems to be trying to see each other as God sees us, rather than how the world tells us to see.

Want to know what that would look like? Here is a scene from Cheers that gives us a glimpse. The scene is with Coach (one of the bartenders) and his daughter. She is engaged to be married to a man that mistreats her. Coach has decided it is time to confront his daughter.

Notice that Coach is not very bright.

And incredibly wise.

May you all have a Coach in your life; and may you see yourself as he sees you.



Where’s this From: ID and Business Card

A few more props from film/TV hanging in the halls of Asbury U. Can you guess where these come from?

Star Props

Here are more props hanging in the halls of Asbury’s Communications building.

What film/TV show/play are these from?

What’s that from? The Pants.

Another prop hanging in the halls at Asbury University. Can you guess where this is from?

Write Now! Workshop

My interview with host Kitty Bucholtz is now out:

Here for the podcast.

Here for the YouTube video.


What’s this from?

One of the many marvelous things about my school (Asbury University) is the Communications building is a veritable museum of film props, costumes, sets, posters and history.

So with the relaunch of my blog, I am starting a new feature: What’s this from? I show you a prop/costume/etc, you tell me the movie/tv show/etc. it came from.

First up – the prop is on the left; Dean Jim Owens is covering up the answer card.

(For those in Wilmore – no cheating by looking up the card or knowing from the tour!)

Send in your guesses.

Five Part Story

My take on the Five Sentence Story – a simple structure lesson from improv.

Me on TV

Producer Annika Young has put together a segment on the writing of Superbook; and I am featured in the piece.

The story will air on The 700 Club on Friday, October 10th. Check your local listings.

Here are a few shots from the interview taken by Shawn Gary:

With producer Annika and Superbook powerhouse, John Schafer

With producer Annika and Superbook powerhouse, John Schafer

Sean thinking

This last one, they caught me thinking between takes. The serious look on my face implies that I am either thinking about how SB is changing the way the youth of the world think about the Bible; or I’m wondering if there will be any donuts at the craft table.

If you see the feature tomorrow, let me know what you think. I haven’t seen it yet – and am very curious!

just my thoughts,