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Little Daisy Show

This Sunday is a benefit performance for the Little Daisy Memorial Scholarship – a scholarship for Releve in honor of my friends, Shon and Jodi’s little girl.

The faculty of Releve Studio will be performing – hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hawaiian, ballet, tap, jive, and rumba dances, along with sketch comedy and ballads, broadway & original tunes. Hosted by comedian Cory Edwards.

Join us if you can.

An all-star show to benefit the Little Daisy Memorial Scholarship!

Sunday, September 30th
2:00 – 3:15pm
Birmingham Community Charter HS (17000 Haynes Street, Van Nuys)

You may purchase your tickets with a credit card (or paypal) online at Suggested donation is $20 per ticket (but to encourage families, we have “pay-what-you-can” tickets starting as low as only $5 each!!)  Tickets will also be sold at the door (cash/check only).

If you can’t attend, but would still like to donate to a great cause, go to and click DONATE NOW.

An Exercise for All of Us

Jeff Berryman has a post on the job of the actor, that is really just a masquerade for a post on how to love your neighbor.

So you have been warned: if you read this, you will know more about the work and play that is acting.

And you will be challenged.

A piece:

Because the work of the actor is not to find how the character differs from them, but to find where the places of intersection are.  How are we alike?   The assumption is this; all the soulful things that make one person unique are somehow also located in me, and all possibilities lie within us all.


Just my thoughts,


Les Miz

I was all kinds of excited when the musical Phantom of the Opera was made into a movie.  I loved the stage version, and the preview showed a brilliant filmic opening – the cleansing of the Paris Opera House by the wind, thrusting us into the past and the story of the opera ghost.

I was all kinds of disappointed when I actually saw the film, and realized that the opening scene was the last cinematic gem we would get.

So, not being an idiot, I wasn’t all kinds of excited to hear that a musical dearer to my heart, Les Miserables, was being turned into a film.

But then again, my memory isn’t all that great, and I am an idiot (previous sentence not withstanding), so I forgot past disappointments when viewing this trailer, and am all kinds of excited again.

Perfect trailer – focus on one song to give us a picture of what the filmmakers intend.

All kinds of excited.

Moral Discernment and the Movies

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, Nick Olson takes a look at how Christians evaluate the good and bad of movie viewing. Nick suggests that it isn’t as simple as listing bad words.

Not a new conversation; one that I wish we could get past – but an important one none-the-less. And certainly one that directly impacts on my life’s work – telling stories to all kinds of audiences.

Quote from Nick’s article:

I think it’s lost on many well-meaning people that moral failures are often failures of the imagination. The inability to see the ethical embedded within life’s narrative reflects a diminished understanding of how God’s law of love plays out in the larger story of redemption.



Jesus Christ: Do You Think You’re What They Say You Are?

Beacon will be showing Jesus Christ Superstar at Bel Air Pres this coming Sunday at 7:30pm. (Info here.)

After the movie, there will be a discussion, led my Kim Dorr and Sean Gaffney. (Hopefully you recognize that last name. My spell check doesn’t. Wants to change it to “gaffe.” Spell check, oh so good for the ego.)

Among the things we will talk about is the question, “Do atheists tell Christian stories better than Christians?”

Come on up and check it out.

Side story: When I was in college, I was in a production of JCS. Part of my job was to hold down Jesus’ arms as the “nails” were driven in. During one performance, the hammer guy was slightly out of position, and his back swing with the hammer caught me right in the forehead. Didn’t really hurt, so I ignored it.

Until a little later, as we all stood on stage looking up at the dying Christ. Mary Magdalene, weeping hysterically, turned her head away from the crucifix, saw me, blanched and her look of theatrical horror turned real. I reached up to my forehead and got a handful of blood. I was bleeding more than the show’s star.

For those of you not in the biz, yes – I was all right. Looked worse than it was.

For those of you in the biz, yes – I finished the show fine. Pulled my hat over the wound and kept my face pointing upstage as much as possible. Costumer was ticked though – ruined the hat.

Just my thoughts,


Magically Funny

This kid made me laugh – hope he does the same for you.

Joy of Work

I’m one of the lucky ones.

Most of my career I’ve worked in areas that are exciting, fulfilling and within my passion – or at least had the potential to be.

Some of us get to work within our passion, others have to work to be able to afford their passion.

Friend Tom takes a look at when he discovered the possibility of the former.




Cyber Orchestra

The best of both worlds: the live performance with the mechanical orchestra.

As for me – I really like the record player setting.



ps – Howdy to all my Masterworks peeps!

Sling Baby Hits the Stage!

Inspired by the original Sling Baby, theater impresarios Bob Borwick and Kelly Balch brought the story to the stage.

Here is the production, in its entirety.