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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Setups

Here is my take on one of the areas of Fallen Kingdom that helps teach us a nugget about Setups. 

Dialogue as Choreography

A tidbit on approaching dialogue from a production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Infinity War: The Ending

In which I discuss Lee Garrison’s questions about the ending of the Avengers movie. Did they make a mistake ending it the way they did?

Advice from Billy Wilder

One of my favorite sites from the past – List of Note. This one features Billy Wilder’s advice, including:

7. A tip from Lubitsch: Let the audience add up two plus two. They’ll love you forever.

For the full list, head here.


During my interview with Kitty Bucholtz (Write Now! Workshop), I gave my theory on why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more resonate than the DC Universe (in the movies, that is). And I explain why Infinity War had to end as it did. Enjoy!

For the full interview, go to here.

The Band’s Visit

A brief discussion of setups and payoffs in the musical, The Band’s Visit.

Write Now! Workshop

My interview with host Kitty Bucholtz is now out:

Here for the podcast.

Here for the YouTube video.


Five Part Story

My take on the Five Sentence Story – a simple structure lesson from improv.

I’m Back – and on Write Now!

Two bits of news:  I am back to the blog. I will be sharing tidbits about story and scriptwriting, the comings and goings of my professional life, and trivia that I find interesting.

Second, and apropos to the first two things in the above list, I will be the special guest on Kitty Bucholtz’s podcast, Write Now!, this Thursday.

You can listen to Write Now! on any of your podcast listening devices, or watch the video version on Kitty’s YouTube page.

We will be discussing a number of angles on writing, including my theory on why Infinity War had to end in tragedy – which is tied to why the MCU is stronger than the DCU.