Feature Film Announcement

I am very excited.

I think, maybe, possibly, there’s a pretty good chance that a script I wrote might be made into a low budget, independent feature film.

And what do I mean by “maybe, possibly?” Well, I was in Hollywood for too long. What I mean is, we have a producer with a solid track record, the funding has been secured, shoot dates have been set, and the producer is in talks with a topnotch director. I even have a contract for the rights. I have signed it; the producers haven’t yet, but say it is on the way.

And I can’t quite bring myself to say it is real, not quite yet. Why? Because as you know, screenwriters are a superstitious and cowardly lot. (Wait, that’s what Batman says about criminals. Allow me to amend.)

Screenwriters are a superstitious lot. As are directors, actors, crew, and caterers. We’ve seen time after time deals that are sure-fire fall apart at the last second.

My friend Dan had a script with a great comedic idea. It was about a guy who was constantly complaining about how bad God was running the universe, who then is hired to temp for the Creator while God went on vacation. Isn’t that a funny idea – a normal guy forced to step in and run the universe as a lesson from the Almighty?

He found a producer, and was in the last stages of finalizing the movie deal when Bruce Almighty was announced with Jim Carrey attached. And bye-bye temping film.

That’s our world, the business we are in. Nothing is certain. Remember how uncertain the country felt about employment and investments in 2008? That’s us entertainment folk all the time.

So, I am going to chronicle my adventures in the screen trade here, fully optimistic about how great this project is going to be. But I will hold off buying the champagne until it’s a wee bit more real.

Just my thoughts,


Health Tips from an Avowed Couch Potato (T – 33 Weeks)

So I’ve agreed to do a partial marathon race for some cause (handful of flowers? fistful of roses? a palm of poinsettias? I can never keep my causes straight).

My wife suggests that maybe I should consider getting into shape. No worries, though. I checked myself out in the mirror, and I am in shape.

Lumpy is a shape, right?



Before Gotham – Gotham PD!

A mockumentary on the hardships (and paperwork) involved when you are a beat cop in the Dark Knight’s city.


Who Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A seasonal favorite, re-purposed for the geek in all of us:

Thanks to the Garcia’s for the tip…

How to Converse, 17 Years and Counting…

Me: I’m having my students watch the opening to “Longmire.”

She: Sure. Good movie.

Me: It’s a TV series.

She: Right. The one with the Aussie playing that guy from the south.

Me: From Wyoming.

She: Right. He plays a rancher.

Me: A sheriff.

She: Right.


She: The one with the unicycle.

Me: You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

She: (laughing)  Nope.

Peanuts and Cream

Time to get back to posting on occasion. What better way than to share some transient art – barista style.

Apparently Kazuki Yamamoto has some time on his hands while doling out the joe, and he puts that time to amazing artistic use.

Check out his coffee creations here.

Kazuki Yamamoto

Kazuki Yamamoto

Jumpin Jive – Cab Calloway and the Brothers Nicholas

Full disclosure – I can totally do the splits these guys do. The difference is that they can stand back up without using their hands.

I can stand with a fork lift, a full body cast and six months of physical therapy.

Enjoy the “greatest dance number ever filmed.” (via Mental Floss)


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