Who Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A seasonal favorite, re-purposed for the geek in all of us:

Thanks to the Garcia’s for the tip…

How to Converse, 17 Years and Counting…

Me: I’m having my students watch the opening to “Longmire.”

She: Sure. Good movie.

Me: It’s a TV series.

She: Right. The one with the Aussie playing that guy from the south.

Me: From Wyoming.

She: Right. He plays a rancher.

Me: A sheriff.

She: Right.


She: The one with the unicycle.

Me: You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

She: (laughing)  Nope.

Peanuts and Cream

Time to get back to posting on occasion. What better way than to share some transient art – barista style.

Apparently Kazuki Yamamoto has some time on his hands while doling out the joe, and he puts that time to amazing artistic use.

Check out his coffee creations here.

Kazuki Yamamoto

Kazuki Yamamoto

Jumpin Jive – Cab Calloway and the Brothers Nicholas

Full disclosure – I can totally do the splits these guys do. The difference is that they can stand back up without using their hands.

I can stand with a fork lift, a full body cast and six months of physical therapy.

Enjoy the “greatest dance number ever filmed.” (via Mental Floss)

Eat Mor Chikin

Here’s an article that makes me wish the practice of my faith was as strong as Dan Cathy’s.

Nothing to add, just stating my faith envy.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chaos

Just in time for Christmas – a piece I directed for Bel Air Drama Department.

Enjoy – and Merry Christmas one and all.




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